Website Design

One of the most asked questions we receive is, "Why do I need you to design a site when I can create my own site on GoDaddy for free?" And, to be honest that is a valid question especially for individuals or small businesses who regard their site as a cost and not as an investment in themselves or their business.

Yes it is true that there are several sites, including your TV and Internet providers, offering a free website. However, those sites are cookie cutter designs with little or no chance to alter the layout to make it yours. Plus, you are paying for the site through other avenues, i.e. subscriptions, add-ons, and other hidden costs.

Like other advertising avenues, websites and internet marketing should not be looked at as an expense but more as an investment in yourself and your business. A well designed site, coupled with keyword planning and a marketing strategy that involves Google Adwords and other social media can bring a return of your investment and put money in your pocket.

Smiling Dog Designs created their first website in 1997 when the internet was in its infancy and have designed websites for individuals, small businesses and non profit organizations.

Today, we create websites that suit your needs, using the Joomla™ cms platform, providing  sites that are clean,  classy, and can be viewed on multiple platforms from desktop computers to smart phones. We offer turn-key designs for those wanting to change content themselves on a regular or semi regular basis, or if you prefer we can maintain your site for you.

Contact us so we can assist you in every step of the design.

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