Keyword Planning

Without proper keyword planning one might as well draw something on a piece of paper and throw it into th,e wind in hopes it lands on the right windshield. 

Getting your website noticed by search engines was once a result of adding words related to the site or not to the meta keywords listings of your site.  This resulted in false search returns for users, so search engines like Google, whose business relies on providing accurate search results, worked to correct the 'stuffing' of meta keywords and changed their algorithms.  Now search engines rely more on content and relevant keywords when providing search returns. They will punish sites who try to stuff keywords into their tags by giving them a lower rating on the search engine result pages (SERP). Keywords have become so important that sites are designed around them and not as an after thought.

Smiling Dog Designs can help you create a keyword plan that is tailored to your site,  allowing for higher search engine results bringing you qualified viewers and not just people kicking tires or looking through the windows.

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