Marketing and Analytics

There are many factors to consider when creating a successful marketing campaign.  Gathering and deciphering accurate information are critical steps in which to begin a strategy. Knowing when and where to advertise,  the proper use of reciprocal links, having relevant content, getting other sites to follow and quote your site, and utilizing social media are just some of the elements that go into setting a plan.

Once a plan is created and implemented, measuring its progress is just as critical.  The internet can be continuous, and immediate, but it also can move  slower and longer than other advertising.  How often do people arrive at your website? How did they get there? What are they doing when they get there?  How long do they stay? And most importantly did they purchase anything when they got to the site or at the very least did they leave any contact information?

Only through accurate analysis can we be sure that campaigns are successful. Smiling Dog Designs can help provide you with those answers. We are a one stop source for all your internet marketing needs.

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